Get your custom-designed and manufactured steel building ventilation ducts and other building products designed, built and fitted by Ellflow in Auckland.

ELLFLOW was the first New Zealand company to design and
manufacture a raised modular flooring system for the
local building environment.

By 1991 changes to Building Code requirements and market needs world-wide had seen numerous improvements to the original ELLFLOW WOODCORE Access Floor. As well as the formation of strategic partnerships with other manufacturers of Access Floors, ELLFLOW operates on a truly international basis in Access Floors, with a global network of business alliances and customers. In this new millenium, with growing emphasis on ‘intelligent buildings' to accommodate the multiplication of new technologies, ELLFLOW Access Floors will continue to offer one of the best solutions for cabling and services management. 

10 good reasons to select ELLFLOW Access Floors

1: Organised cable management and distribution.
2: Rapid access to under-floor services.
3: Flexibility to adapt to changing needs inexpensively.
4: Superior load bearing strength.
5: Seismically stable.
6: No maintenance.
7: Easily installed in new buildings or refurbishments.
8: Compatibility with a variety of floor coverings .
9: Compliance with your local Building Code.
10: Integrated solution for buildings of the future.

Please note: Due to continuous product improvement, specifications may change without prior notice.


The ELLFLOW range of Access Floors are manufactured to exacting standards of quality and performance. CEMENTITIOUS and WOODCORE Raised Access Floors have been stringently tested to and passed the requirements of industry standards PSA MOB PF2 PS SPU for Access Floors.

CEMENTITIOUS Raised Access Floors