Cementitious Flooring Systems

Get your custom-designed and manufactured steel building ventilation ducts and other building products designed, built and fitted by Ellflow in Auckland.

CEMENTITIOUS Raised Access Floors deliver the perfect solution for
effective under-floor cable management throughout general office areas,
telecommunications centres, financial institutions, computer rooms,
controlrooms, technical production facilities and numerous other applications.

The ELLFLOW range of CEMENTITIOUS Raised Access Floors provide the ultimate in load bearing strength using technological advantages in component manufacture. Four different CEMENTITIOUS panels are available to meet the full range of light to extra heavy grade applications...corner fixed only or installed with supporting rigid-grid stringers.An adjustable pedestal under-structure allows a finished floor height (FFH) from 1.00 mm to 1 metre.

System Highlights

  • Ellflow System specifically designed to meet any seismic zone loading
  • System connection to building earth provides total electrical continuity
  • Professionally installed by qualified ELLFLOW tradespeople
  • Provision for other under-floor services such as air conditioning systems

Panel Highlights

  • 600mm square x 33 mm thick or 610mm square x 33mm thick
  • Fully metal encased and filled with non-toxic cement compound core
  • Four different panel grades to meet any application
  • Non-combustible panels have powdercoated baked epoxy finish
  • Individual panels easily removed and fully interchangeable
  • Electrical resistance between 5xl0 5 ohms to 2xl0'┬░ohms
  • Surface finish options: bare panel, high pressure laminate, looselay carpet, vinyl tiles, standard and locating carpet tiles

Under-structure Highlights

  • Top pedestal plate 70mm square x 4mm thick with panel locators
  • Bottom pedestal plate lOOmm square x 3mm thick
  • Threaded rod assembly provides ┬▒30mm pedestal height adjustment
  • Pedestal locking nut ensures floor levelness is maintained
  • Roll-formed box section stringers 15mm wide x 32mm high to suit panel type
  • 50 mm long countersunk-head mechanical fastener for all corner fixed and rigid-grid stringer systems
  • Corrosion-resistant steel components

Recommended Specification

Access Floor shall be the CEMENTITIOUS CORE Model ASF ( ) [please specify model number] as supplied and installed by ELLFLOW, Auckland, NZ (telephone number +6492745719).

Access Floor shall have a finished floor height (FFH) of ( mm) [please specify] and consist of fully metal encased modular panels. Access Floor shall be (Corner Fixed; Rigid-Grid Stringer) [please select] and be supported by an under-structure of all-steel pedestals (and stringers if necessary).Access Floor shall be capable of resisting a minimum horizontal seismic loading of ( )kPa [please specify] applied at FFL in any direction.

A minimum of two ELLFLOW panel lifters shall be supplied to facilitate easy removal of panels where necessary.