Vertiline Fan Powered

Product Highlights
  • Low profile to meet architectural requirements
    of streamlined design on modern buildings
  • Exhaust shutters enable controlled air discharge
    from inside the building
  • Weatherproof designed to exclude wind and driving rain
  • Easily installed rapidly fitted into all roofing types
  • Minimum maintenance protective metal and fittings maximises corrosion resistance.
  • Reliable powered fan unit is under warranty for a full 12 months after installation
  • Size variations. Several fan diameters available in varying speeds meet a range of exhaust requirements.
  • Bird/insect screens fitted to all fan units to eliminate the possible entry of birds and insects


Fresh Air Inlet
All fan extract systems require an adequate fresh air inlet for satisfactory performance. Fresh air inlets should be located as close to floor level as possible and have a free inlet area of a minimum of four times each square metre of area derived from the fan diameter.
Ellflow manufacture a full range of fresh air. inlet louvres for this purpose.


Worked Example
Refer also to the Ellflow Technical Design Guide.
1. Required exhaust air from a building has been determined to be 11.80m2/s.
2. Fan ventilator will be strategically installed at various positions across the roof area to provide spot ventilation. Pressure drop will be minimal and fans will be selected at ON/M2.
3. Using the performance capacity table, at a system pressure drop of ON/m' the required exhaust rate of 11.80m2/s will require a total of two ventilators of 915 mm diameter at a fan speed of 570RPM (5.92m2/s exhaust capacity for each ventilator).
4. Therefore, two Ellflow Vertiline Model VLV915 fan ventilators should be specified.
A suitable Ellflow fresh air inlet louvre should be selected. To determine the correct size refer to the appropriate Ellflow Louvre Performance Chart and follow the example shown on that sheet.

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