Extract Fans - EKS Range

EKS Series

Features of all Models

  • Ziehl-ebm impeller / motor assembly.
  • Factory assembled and balanced.
  • Power units designed for optimum efficiency.
  • Fully speed controllable external rotor motor.
  • Sealed for life ball bearings.
  • High efficiency, low noise axial and/or sickle blade fixed pitch axial impeller.
  • Perfectly matched to medium / low pressure and volume systems.
  • Compact design construction.
  • Attractive low profile with high durability and longevity.
  • Able to be installed at any angle.
  • 3 year warranty as standard.

EKS Series - Sleeve Inline Axial ERM

Motors are available in single phase only, with class B' insulation. Fully speed controllable.
Ideal for installation with flexible ductwork systems.
Available in sizes from 130 mm to 350 mm.


Housings of these units are made of galvanised steel with either a rolled flanged connection or with a rolled swage connection. The flange models have a powder coated finish.


Ziehl-ebm axial impellers are manufactured from pressure die cast aluminium for low rotational mass. The rotor / impeller assembiy is balanced as a complete assembly to IS01940 Grade 6.3 or higher.


Motors are manufactured by Zieht-ebm and are of external rotor design. Motor enclosure features IP54/IP44 (for exe) protection. Motor windings incorporate class 'F' or 'B' insulation. Motor bearings are maintenance free ball bearing design. Auto-reset thermal contacts are generally provided, either integrally wired or terminated at wiring connection bar.


Rated fan performance has been determined by testing to DIN24163 1998.
Fan sound data has been determined by testing to DIN45635.


It is the responsibilty of the user to connect the thermal contacts where provided to protect the motor. Failure to do so will void the warranty on the motor.

EKS Fan Performance Data