Circular Axial Flow Fans EAXUS range

The Axus Long Cased Axial Fan Range Features:
  • 17 Case diameters, from 315mm to 2000mm.
  • Airflow - Up to 92,000 l/s.
  • Static Pressure - Up to 1500 Pa.
  • Operating temperature - Up to40"C (ambient)
    as standard.
  • Matching attenuators,
  • Installation ancillaries
  • Speed controls.
  • Wide range - The widest range of 'standard' axials available.
  • Superb build quality - Heavy gauge galvanised steel construction
    for strength and durability
  • The advanced construction method avoids the distortion associated
    with traditional methods of manufacturing and ensures consistency of performance.
  • High performance - Developed to provide optimum performance for each case size.
  • Tested to the highest standards: Air performance to BS848 (part1) 1997 and IS05801 (Part 1) 1997. Acoustic performance to AMCA300
      Popular options (others available)

  • AXUS units suitable for two speed operation (full and half speed).
  • AXUS units fitted with flameproof motors to EExd 11BT4. AXUS units fitted with access doors suitable for cleaning and observation.
  • AXUS units suitable for operation in systems with in-duct ambient temperatures up to 75"C.

Fan Cases
Manufactured from galvanised steel to BS EN 10142 1991. Fan cases have integral inlet and outlet flanges with pre-drilled bolt holes to BS6339, -series R20 and IS06580 and are fitted with a standard terminal box.
Are manufactured to comply with BS5000 and I-EC34-1. Fitted with foot mounted TEFV type with IP55 enclosures and class F insulation in accordance with BS4999 part 20. Fitted with sealed for life ball bearings.
Hubs are manufactured from die cast aluminium alloy. Blades are of special aero-foil section giving excellent performance and low noise characteristic manufactured from injection moulded chemically coupled glass reinforced polypropylene or cast aluminium alloy. Impellers are balanced to IS01940 Grade G6.3.
Motors are pre-wired to an external electrical terminal box through weatherproof flexible conduit to IP55. (Note: EExD (flameproof) wiring direct to motor by others).

All units are suitable for internal and external operation at any installed angle.
Operating temperatures

Standard units are suitable for operation in ambient mperatures up to 55"C.

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