Adjustable Blade Louvres

Product Hightlights

  • Standard or Weatherproof adjustable blade Louvres
    For use in both internal and external building applications
  • Adjustable Louvre blades
    For louvre control between fully opened and fully closed positions
  • Blade Performance
    Blade design minimises pressure drop characteristics
    throughout the louvre.
  • Louvre depths
    Available !n two different depths (100mm and l50mm) .
  • Louvre widths-
    Available from 200 mm to a maximum width of 2000mm.
    For larger openings use multiples of suitable sized Louvres
  • Louvre heights -
    Available in a full selection of standard heights (see table) giving maximum free inlet area.
  • Louvres can be manufactured in other non-standard sizes .
  • Factory assembled -
    Quality manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes to suit specific aesthetic requirements.
  • Easily installed - rapid fitting into all wall types.
  • Minimal maintenance -
    Occasionally clean the louvre. Protective metal and fittings maximises corrosion resistance.
  • Coefficient of discharge -
    Performance tested at a guaranteed minimum of 0.63 for 100mm deep louvres and 0.68 for l50mm deep louvres

Optional Accessories

Bird / insect screens
- to eliminate entry of birds and insects, with screens fitted to the internal face.
Rubber Blade Edgings
- to help minimise water inflitration through the Louvre.
Louvre Actuating Mechanisms
- Normally controlled by a manual pushrod operation. Electric and pneumatic controls are available as alternatives.
Additional steelwork
- where multiple louvres are used on large openings.
- can be supplied to meet individual customer requirements

Opening Sizes

Where Ellflow louvres are to be installed into steelwork and timber, allow a 3mm clearance all round the louvre.
Where Ellflow louvres are to be installed into blockwork, allow a 6mm clearance all round the louvre.

Pressure Drop and Free area

When designing any ventilation system, pressure drop through a louvre should be considered. The percentage of free area to the whole louvre face area is a function of height and width. Refer to the appropriate Ellflow Louvre Performance Chart to determine the actual pressure drop through the louvre and the free area.
Each Louvre Performance Chart shows pressure drop (Pa) at air velocities (m/s) through the free area of the louvre.

Recommended Specification

Fresh air inlet louvres shall be of the Ellflow Adjustable Blade Model ( ) [specify model number] type and shall be of the size specified on the drawing. Louvre blades shall be of (Standard, Weatherproof) [select one] profile.
Louvres shall be of a depth of (100mm, l50mm) [select one], with a minimum coefficient of discharge of (0.63, 0.68) [select one].
Louvres shall be constructed of (Aluminium, Zincalume, Galvanised Steel, Colour Steel) [select one and specify colour where necessary]. Powdercoat finish is available.