The Turbo Ventura has a 150mm throat, which, while smaller than conventional domestic turbine ventilators, is compensated by its vertical vane design. This enables efficient operation at very low wind speeds - when most ventilators are not spinning. Turbo Ventura has the following special features:
  • Attractive Appearance. The size of the Turbo Ventura means that it blends subtely with most roof types.
  • Unique Design. The vertical vane design and polycarbonate construction ensure efficient air movement. Two permanently lubricated bearings ensure a smooth and effective air flow
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  • Won't mist, corrode or crack. The special polycarbonate composition cannot rust or corrode. The internal bracing is reinforced to prevent stress cracking.
  • Withstands severe wind and rain. In independent laboratory trials, Turbo Ventura withstood wind velocities of 24Okm/hr and satisfied the Dynamic Rain Penetration Test
  • Fit any roof. "Vari-Pitch" base design and flashing enables the Turbo Ventura to be fined securely to any tile, meal or fibre roof with a pitch less than 45'.
  • Easily installed. Concise and easy to follow installation instructions are included to enable any home handyperson to Install Turbo Ventura. Alternatively, your retailer or agent can arrange installation anywhere in Australiasia¬†