Hurricane Hybrid Ecopower


Clean, fresh air.  You'd think it would be something we all have the right to expect in our homes and work places and yet so often this isn't the case.  Inadequate ventilation can lead to the build up of heat, moisture and even potentially harmful chemicals in the air that we breathe inside our buildings every day.

The revolutionary Ecopower from Edmonds is a hybrid roof vent developed to ensure a constant supply of fresh air with minimum energy use.  It combines natural ventilation witha comuter controlled, high efficiency electric motor in a single unit to ensure consistent air quality and guaranteed performance when you nee it.


  • Hurricane ecoPOWER offers customers the following unique benefits:
  • High efficiency ventilation at all times.
  • Low energy costs.
  • Significantly lower noise levels than axial fan vents
  • Advanced German EC motor technology.
  • Edmonds vertical vane vent technologh for higher performance.
  • Light weight.
  • Single-phase power and low voltage (selected models for easy electrial installation.
  • Flow coefficient tests performed under AS4740:2000.


The Ecopower can operate in either natural or power mode alone or in both simultaneously.  The natural ventilation mode functions through two processes.  The first allows hot air to escape as a result of 'stack effect' buoyancy pressure.  Hot air in the building rises and is released through the vent to be replace by cooler ambient air.  The second process results from the wind driving the impeller unit, thereby creating flow through centrifugal suction.

The efficient power mode allows natural flow rates to be boosted by powering the Electronic Commutating motor to drive the impeller.  This provides on demand response to boost folw rate during periods of low wind speed or special ventilation needs.

In power mode Ecopower has a flow rate 3-5 times greater than equivalent size natural ventilator.

The Ecopower design allows the wind turbine itself to be used as a centrifugal impeller, no separate fan is required when running in powered mode.  The motor is installed in a direct drive configuration to the impeller, ensuring minimum flow obstruction for maximum air movement.

The bearing system of the motor functions as the bearing system of the ventilator.  This means that the vent can be free spinning under wind load or power activiated as conditions require.  The motor can be activated by a simple manul switch or operatin can be controlled by any digital measure.


NOTE: Ellflow Mechanical are the OFFICIALLY appointed agents for the CSR Edmonds range of Hurricane turbine ventilators, and assemble these products to CSR Edmonds standards in NZ. The standard CSR warranty applies to all Hurricane product provided by ELLFLOW Mechanical