Windmaster Rotary Ventilator

Windmaster is a 30Omm throat aluminium ventilator which has been specially
designed for Australasian conditions.
Unique features and benefts, include:
    • Dual bottom bearing system. Windmaster uses two precision steel bearings located in a patented bottom bearing assembly. This ensures smooth and quiet operation..
    • Replaceable bearings. Windmaster is the first domestic vent where the bearings can be easily replaced by the homeowner.
    • Dome reinforced against hail. The life of a ventilator can be lessened if the dynamic balance of the product is upset by hall damage. Windmaster has a special reinforced dome designed to provide extra resistance against hail.
    • Large range of colours. Windmaster is available in an extensive range of colours including - mill brown, black, homestead, heritage red, caulfield green, white, mist green, rivergum, beige and slate grey.
    • Withstands severe wind and rain. In independent laboratory tests, Windmaster withstood wind velocities of 18Okm/hr and satisfied the international Rain Dynamic Rain Penetration Test
    • Lifetime Warranty. Ellflow offer a manufacturers lifetime warranty on the body of the ventilator, for the original installation. A separate 10 year warranty is provided for the bearings but these are easily replaceable.
    • Fits all roof types. Windmaster's 'Vari-Pitch' throat and malleable flashing suits all roof types with slopes from zero to 45'.
    • Windmaster Flowrate Duty is 73 Litres/sec at 12 Km/Hr windspeed


Ellflow also makes available Under Eave Vents and WhirlyMate, an open and closeable ceiling register particularly suitable for cathedral ceilings. When used with Windmaster, both products can further improve overall ventilation benefits.